Female Heroes Need Better Mentors | Launching Your Success

There are almost no examples of female heroes with great (or even good) mentors in modern movies & television. Do we fail at effectively mentoring women because we haven’t been shown how? 

Where it all began...

Female Heroes Need Better Mentors made its debut at Ignite Podcast Movement during the 2019 Podcast Movement Conference. Click the video to see the original 5-minute talk.

Join us for this webinar broadcast presented by Robyn Sayles of Launching Your Success. Robyn will expand upon her 2019 Ignite Podcast Movement talk and discuss how she uncovered the lack of good mentors for female heroes in modern movies and television, the four criteria used to identify good mentors, and how you can use the criteria to take action and be a better mentor to the under-served heroes in your life.

You'll also hear an exclusive panel interview recorded live during Podcast Movement 2019 about the importance of female mentorship, download a guide to the hero's journey framework + the good mentor criteria, and find out how you can learn more about the exciting things we have planned next.